The Brightlink projectors you’ve so generously provided us with have already increased our students knowledge and participation. We’ve watched experiment clips, interacted with cross-curricular ties, and utilized multimedia viewings. The possibilities are still endless. Thank you for the equipment and the opportunities.

Kim Krockta, Michelle Carroll, Christine Esmeraldo and Christen Foote
Center School



Thank you all so much for the Brightlink projector that was installed in my second grade classroom at Moreau Hall. Thanks to your efforts and generosity, my students will have access to wonderful interactive lessons in all subject areas. I have only begun to explore the many ways that I can use this tool to enhance my teaching! I truly appreciate all the time and hard work you put in to raising funds for our schools.

Carole Pray
Moreau Hall



For the past ten years we have been having our 5th grade students complete a research project on famous painters. As a culminating event for this project, each student creates a replica of a famous painting. This project would not be what it is today were it not for FEEE’s help. Over the years, FEEE has supported us as we have grown this project into an art event that is showcased in our school for a month. The money we have received from FEEE has been used to buy many art books, which aides students in their research different types of artists and different styles of painting. We also were able to purchase a scanner and other items, such as paint brushes, paint boxes, easels, all which help make our art show something quite amazing. This experience and education into the arts has given our students an experience and an appreciation of art that will last a lifetime.

Alicia Dorment and Erick Chase
F.L. Olmsted School



Thank you very much for providing our school with four more Brightlink projectors. This past week we have been able to begin to explore the amazing learning opportunities they provide. My class has watched short videos about explorers and firefighters. They’ve played interactive rhyming games and sorted safe/unsafe things. We are so very excited to have this wonderful technology available to us in our classroom!

Mary Twiraga
Moreau Hall



Thanks to FEEE’s purchase of our new BrightLink Interactive Whiteboard, located in our library, classrooms frequently visit this space to bring learning to life. For example, our second graders study adaptations in science and the other day I observed a whole classroom of 22 students huddled around the Brightlink, with clipboards and pencils in hand, watching a lion walk through a prairie. The students were writing down their observations about how lions have adapted to their environment to survive. The students were thoroughly engaged and excited about their learning.

Chris Getchell
Parkview School



I am just beginning to explore all of the possibilities available to me now that we have interactive whiteboards. The Brightlink projectores have added a new dimension to our teaching. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to introduce new technology to our students. It is very exciting!

Sherrie Alford
Moreau Hall



Thank you for providing my classroom with a Brightlink projector. I have already used it for a math lesson and a first grade morning message, and am also taking the Easiteach class. Thank you so very much!

Joan Horne
Center School



The Moreau Hall family is incredibly thankful for all that FEEE has done for us and for the Easton Public Schools. Our schools and students have benefited from FEEE’s hard work and dedication in so many ways. The technology that FEEE has been able to provide for our schools will continue to support our teachers and staff in instructing their students as many of them learn best – digitally. As a result of your continued commitment to the Easton Public Schools, our teachers are able to use a multi-model approach, blending classic teaching with new and innovative methods such as laptops and interactive whiteboards, to ensure our students’ success in today’s global society. Through the funding of non technology grants such as “One Flat Book, One Unified School” and “HANDS” kits for Kindergarten classrooms, FEEE has supported the areas of literacy, community building and fine/gross motor skill development for our students and families. These are just a few “Moreau Hall” examples of how FEEE has influenced and supported our instruction. I can’t imagine a single student in the Easton Public School system who could say that his or her learning hasn’t been enhanced and influenced in some way, by FEEE. Thank you for all you do!

Nick Botelho
Moreau Hall



When provided with a FEEE grant, we were able to create a “crash” area for the students of the substantially separate special education classroom at the Richardson School. The “crash” area is a safe area for students to receive sensory input without disturbing others, and has led to increased academic progress and allowed for additional opportunities for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and students who are neurotypical to interact. Thank you for your generosity, FEEE!

Pamela Glasgow
HH Richardson School



The second grade students at Moreau Hall School have been the recipients of several generous FEEE grants over the years. Countries of the World is a social studies unit that allows students to learn about one of the countries their ancestors came from. FEEE provided many books and other resources that were used for their research. Through another FEEE grant, Learn to Read – Read to Learn, non-fiction books were purchased to integrate Science and Social Studies into the English/Language Arts curriculum. In addition, this year, Moreau Hall was able to purchase interactive software for our new BrightLink projectors (also provided by FEEE!) We look forward to using this new technology now and in the future. All of the materials purchased through FEEE grants are still being used by second graders at Moreau Hall. We are very grateful to FEEE for their support over the years.

Patricia Gentile, Carole Pray and Mary Twiraga
Moreau Hall



FEEE has been instrumental in helping us reach many goals at Center School. Over the years, we have submitted grants for initiatives such as One Story One School, an Open Circle Lending Library, and most recently BrightLink projectors that convert an ordinary whiteboard to an interactive board to be used by classroom teachers and our students on a daily basis. FEEE also provided the funds for Center School to have a mobile lab with 20 Mac laptops and then provided funding that allowed us to install three wireless hubs so that we have the capability to use the laptops anywhere in the building!

Debbie DiCenso
Center School



Just a quick notes to thank you for providing Moreau Hall and other schools in Easton with interactive whiteboards. I am so excited to have one in my classroom. I am planning on using it daily for calendar activities, lunch count and to help enhance my daily instruction. The students love using it. The whiteboards benefit everyone! Thanks again for all you do to benefit the teachers and students of Easton Public Schools!

Heather Jolly
Moreau Hall



Through the generosity of FEEE, the students at the Olmsted School have been afforded the benefit of six classroom soundfield systems (two classrooms at each grade level). Teachers, students, and parents have embraced the use of the systems which allows each student to be able to hear and understand the teacher clearly wherever she is positioned in the classroom.

Carole Goldenberg, Speech & Language Pathologist
F.L. Olmsted School



Thanks to FEEE and the completion of the building project, the state of technology at EMS has been vastly improved. The Middle School has interactive whiteboards in every Math, Science and Technology classroom in the school. These Promethean Boards have also been installed in numerous other classrooms, including Foreign Language, History and English.

John Giuggio
Easton Middle School



Several years ago when the third grades were still housed in the primary school buildings, FEEE graciously provided funding for our Reading Buddies program. We purchased many picture books for third graders to read to their first grade reading buddy. The third graders had a large supply of good literature to select from and having the books available in their classrooms meant that the students had ample opportunity to practice reading before they read aloud to their first grade buddy. These books were used for many years and enjoyed by many first and third graders. Thank you, FEEE!

Sherrie Alford and Mary Twiraga
Moreau Hall